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Sample idea

By System @system
    2021-03-31 07:32:00.167Z

    This is a sample idea. Click the idea icon to the left of the title (i.e. ) to change status from New Idea, to Planned, to Started, to Done.

    In the topic list, everyone sees the status of the idea at a glance — the status icon is shown to the left (e.g. or ).

    (To delete this example topic, click Tools at the top, and then click Delete.)

    • 5 replies
    1. S
      System @system
        2021-03-31 07:32:00.182Z

        Sample reply, discussing if the idea is a good idea.

        1. SSystem @system
            2021-03-31 07:32:00.194Z

            More thoughts about the idea.

            1. SSystem @system
                2021-03-31 07:32:00.209Z

                These Discussion section replies are always threaded. Whilst the Progress section replies below, are flat.

            2. Progress
              with doing this idea
            3. S
              System @system
                2021-03-31 07:32:00.222Z

                Here, in the Progress section, you can step by step update others, about how you're making progress with implementing the idea.

                1. S
                  System @system
                    2021-03-31 07:32:00.237Z

                    Now we have: ..., and next we will: ...